About us

Hi I’m Robert Buzek, and I’m the owner of Pet Legz® and our story is pretty cool if you ask me. ? I started out making leggingsfrom my artwork, and unfortunately wasn’t doing that great with sales. A friend recommended making leggings of her cat and the rest is history! We love making people smile when they get their pet leggings and t-shirts, especially when it’s a surprise! We’ve made plenty people cry, but for good reasons.

Robert Buzek and Angel
Owner Robert Buzek and Angel

Our mission is make your pet a stylish part of your clothing that you’re proud to wear and makes you smile.

Our dog Angel (pictured with me) is our main model for Pet Legz®. She’s a Red Siberian Husky/White German Shepard mix, and I did not make her put her paw on me. That was her idea.

We share a lot of pet pictures on our instagram and facebook accounts, so follow us if you love seeing a cute furry face every morning in your feed. I promise not to shave. ?